Llamas for Lima

As part of our Llamas for Lima campaign, Bw/oB is employing El Mercurio, a team of 24 artisan women who were forced to flee the town of Huancavelica near Lima during the civil war in the late 80s. Now, these women are using their ability to sew, knit and weave to escape poverty by producing handmade products. Check them out at www.fairtradeperu.com/grupmercurio.htm Every Llama you purchase will be hand-knit by one of these women. Although the resulting llamas are stuffed, and therefore do not graze, reproduce, or give milk, they will be donated through our partners at Paz y Esperanza and Hogar San Francisco to Peruvian children. Basically: Buy a Llama, employ a Lima-an and make another Lima-an child really happy in the process.
Llamas for Lima
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